During the filming of season five of TVD, Somerhalder verified he had been online dating Reed

For all your diehard Vampire Diaries fans available, it’s probably safer to state that whenever Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder begun online dating in actuality, just like her on-screen figures comprise just about to-fall in love, each of us believed it actually was the best thing that taken place since Damon first-told Elena the guy liked her.

For a while, lovers could lie within partnership. They cherished seeing the uber-fit Nina stroll the red-carpet together co-star. It had been fundamentally like viewing the real-life Damon and Elena love both.

It was all tragically torn from united states. While we don’t know just what actually took place for the apparently happy partners, at least we nevertheless got to discover well known on-screen partners thrive for a time.

But tensions on ready became real whenever Somerhalder moved on and began their relationship with Nikki Reed.

Circumstances Had Gotten Awkward When They Split Nevertheless They Remained Buddies

Among suspected reasons for the pairs split in 2013 is that Dobrev wasn’t prepared relax, and ended up being additional career-oriented. Thus, after three-years of dating, the two labeled as they quits but stayed buddies. Also, a surprising reality about Nina on TVD is that she in addition stayed supremely expert with Ian on ready. They also approved a “greatest Chemistry” award together on some people’s Choice Awards after splitting up.

During the recording of month five of TVD, Somerhalder confirmed which he had been online dating Reed. In accordance with some hearsay, Somerhalder introduced Reed because of the set therefore produced items extremely embarrassing for Dobrev, who’s personality was still in a relationship with Somerhalder’s.

These hearsay might possibly be set to rest, nevertheless.

But that didn’t stop followers from speculating that the crisis between this lady and Somerhalder, particularly when the announcement came that Nina will be leaving the tv series after month Six.

Then There Was The Relationships Announcement

Sixth months after earliest relationship Reed, Somerhalder announced they were certainly getting partnered. So, the next logical thing enthusiasts to wonder was if Dobrev was going to feel asked.

Would Dobrev wanna choose this lady ex-flames wedding ceremony?

Would she consider, ‘that may be myself?’

Those ideas are just what had followers’ thoughts at the time. But fundamentally they mightn’t be much more wrong. Dobrev and Somerhalder had been, but still, are extremely supporting of each and every additional.

But although you may be delighted for anyone, it generally does not allow any decreased painful, gamer girl dating and relating to Hollywood lifetime, Dobrev was actually invited to the wedding ceremony but transformed it all the way down due to this very explanation. “She was asked. She actually seriously considered going, in the end, Nina determined it can you should be as well shameful,” an insider mentioned.

“She certainly does love Ian with all of of the woman heart, but enjoying him wed Nikki could have only already been as well agonizing,” the origin persisted. “Sheaˆ™s today shut two doorways inside her existence and just wants to move forward.”

There Actually Isno Ill-Will

On the day the newlyweds fastened the knot. Nina sent out this Tweet.

“Positivity. Fancy. Happiness. That’s what i am broadcasting to the Universe, may your entire day end up being filled with they. “

Clearly no person can know if the tweet is fond of Somerhalder, but all of our suspicions is that it was.

Following the event, Dobrev advised E! Information, “When I heard of the wedding, I was thinking it was breathtaking. They look happy I am also pleased and so I do not realise why there should be a problem with that. The drama is in the news, it isn’t really with our team. But of course, we’re on a teen crisis tv show, everyone’s browsing seek crisis. If there’s no drama, there’s nothing to create in regards to. I simply push it aside.”

Every One Of The Gossip And Drama Being Dispelled On Both Sides

Not only are Dobrev still neighbors with Somerhalder, but she’s also actually really shut with Reed.

Just last year, on Watch What takes place Live, Dobrev mentioned their friendship and stated it’s not odd at all.

Dobrev even commented on pair’s child and stated, “I think they’ve a lovely kid and they are pleased and am I. what exactly is bad about that? Really don’t read any difficulty with that.”

In 2017, the trio arrived along for just a little friendly reunion and posted about any of it. Dobrev authored on her behalf post, “Canaˆ™t think just how times flies. Goodbye meal with staff Somereed! Brilliant catching up by using these goofballs. All [love].”

Reed in addition published regarding it and wrote an extended content about all crisis hearsay. She had written, “the past couple of years we planning addressing any baseless hearsay with quiet was actually the most effective way. Besides, who wants to answer comprised stories about ‘friends backstabbing friends’, ‘cheating exes’, or ‘cast customers exiting concerts’ on low-brow websites like hollywoodlife that are only perpetuating developments that preceded us. Yuck. We today see that silence was taken as the opportunity to fill-in the blanks with even more falsities, and juice extractor reports.”

Therefore, despite exactly what many of the gossip have said throughout the years, they are seemingly the whole reverse on the facts.

That knows possibly Dobrev had been simply active the day associated with the Somerhalder’s wedding ceremony, but regardless, there was clearly one decreased vampire truth be told there.

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